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Based on the scope/complexity of work, the length of the project, the amount of data that needs to be reconciled, and how the project will be accomplished. Contact me for an estimate! I offer competitive rates and flexibility in scheduling including from hourly to quarterly per project, or flat rate pricing.

Payroll is priced at a flat rate, usually 30-40% lower than outsourced paycheck processing. I set-up auto pay for taxes. I can do direct deposit. I do everything that my other competitors do except cheaper. Complimentary consultations to evaluate.

Allison Wolf Bookkeeping | Services Offered

  • Payroll,Tax, and W2 end of year processing
  • QuickBooks® Management
  • One on One Training
  • QuickBooks® Setup
  • Establish Bookkeeping Workflow
  • Budget Forecast
  • Worker’s Compensation


  • data entry
  • receivables and payables
  • bank and credit card reconciliation
  • aging and vendor reports
  • monthly p&l, balance sheet, and general ledger
  • sales tax service
  • 1099 Service
  • assistance on-site or offsite (virtual ready)
  • secure data exchange
  • a time diary of my work and invoice



Review and Clean-up

If the client uses QuickBooks®, I will review and fix the current data file. Clean-up work is billed on an hourly basis.


I will set up the client’s books and provide training on how to maintain them.

Ongoing Support

After the clients’ books are fixed, I’m always available for added support! Simple questions over the phone are free, though longer phone support will be charged at base rate. If the client needs in-person support, I will bill at the regular on-site rate.

Regular Reviews

I am available for reviews on a regular basis, from monthly to quarterly. I provide all clients with an end-of-year review of their books to make sure they are correct before going to their CPA for income tax preparation.

Regular Remote Bookkeeping Services

With this option, the client has QuickBooks® at their office and posts most daily transactions. Then, weekly or monthly, with client’s permission, I can access books remotely and perform any additional work, such as bank reconciliations, review, cleanup and financial statements.

I will do all the bookkeeping for you

With this option, the client doesn’t have to buy any software or do any of the work. You just give me the financial information and I do the rest. I can set it up to have the information delivered personally, by cloud, sent by email and/or fax. Some clients like to provide safe online access so their bank or credit card can download directly into QuickBooks® to save time and extra simplicity. I will provide you with monthly or quarterly financial statements. If needed, I can also provide more in-depth reporting. I can also personally train you on how to read your financial statements, what the numbers mean, along with things to watch for.

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